Why Biodentistry ?

Bio dentistry is beneficial because it’s an approach that is holistic, natural organic and most of all low-cost dentistry for patients. The pricing is reasonable. It’s an option that allows you to save money and still receive the best dental care

Be it you need crowns, teeth whitening or feelings. Our expert Dentist will immediately help you. Bio dentistry is traditional.

In comparison to non-biological dentistry, who still continue to make use of mercury in their work that is a known carcinogen that can cause a variety of health risks especially when the mercury fillings leak.

The dentistry way of doing stuff is also part of our philosophy of practice. Patients end up ingesting the poison into their bodies if the dental fillings leak or break off.

Our dental team is informed, knowledgeable and will explain the entire process that taken during any operations.

The process of doing biological dentistry is the best because it’s less painful and much easier. The fist step that we take is to find out the alkaline/acid balance as well as the inflammation status.

Heavy emphasis is placed on the shape and tooth structure of your tooth. You will not regret choosing this option

The effects of the impact of your dental health on your overall health will be exposed. You will not regret choosing this option, contact us now for more information.