Property Management Services for Dentists

Advertising the property, arranging viewings, organizing the necessary agreements, carrying out inspections, and maintenance all take time, and that’s not even including finding the right tenant that you can trust to treat your property with respect. The reality of this is that like most dental service providers; there are some who agents stand above the rest in terms of quality service, cost, value for money, and how efficiently they manage your property. Here are some excellent pointers and functions to look for in choosing the correct letting agency for the management of your property:

Letting Services When you have a property to make, the level of customer service offered, patience, and understanding by the letting agent should be exceptional. Dentists should be willing to help with any inquiry you have and should not put pressure or time limits on you. They must understand the importance of finding the correct tenant for your property that will respect it. They should not seem overly keen to fill the space.

Property Management Costs In property management, there are sometimes hidden costs, which is why dentists should get a breakdown of exactly what the prices are. Good letting agents should be upfront and honest about their costs. Generally, there is a one-off fee for the property management service; then the company will take a percentage of the monthly rent of the property. These can vary, but dentists should assess the fee against the level of service you will receive.

Website and Properties A good letting company who are serious and professional about property management should have their website. This allows your property to be seen by a much larger audience. It should be used to explain fully the landlord and tenant services the agent offers, information on prices and a full list of their current properties, featuring a thorough description, details and professional photos to compliment it. The usability, efficiency, and design of a letting agent site will tell you a lot about the company itself.

Full property management service or advertising only With a comprehensive property management service landlords should look for some or all of the following: online advertising of your property on major websites such as Lettingweb, Rightmove or the major lettings portals that service your area; arrange property signboards and viewings; carry out credit checks and references; manage tenancy agreements, collection of rent and inspections; and provide contact for maintenance and repairs. A right letting agent will also offer affordable property management estate agents fees and an advertising only service which allows the landlord to manage their property but have it advertised on major websites. The landlord could not do this on their own as advertising on these sites is reserved for agencies.