Dr Rwan See Portfolio

Doctor Rwan See is a qualified dentist with many years of experience. He has worked both locally and internationally.

He is passionately in love with his profession and takes pride and enjoys seeing his patients living his
premises with a happy smile.

His practice is located in the beautiful suburbs of Northgate in Cape Town. He qualified officially in 1982 and he has been practising in Northgate for the past ten years.

He works with a team of orthodontists and he delivers the best results.The dental premises is fully equipped with digital intra-oral photographs as well as X-rays.

Dental lies

Many people misconceptions about the dental world yet many individuals desire to have a snow white smile.

Lie 1 = Its not enough to just brush your teeth once a day in the mornings only. A lot of people do not brush their teeth at night
because of a myth that brushing once is enough

Do not be lazy people make sure that you brush your teeth at list twice a day, oral hygiene is very important, if it’s possible brush your teeth after meals.

Lie 2 = The nerve teeth, some individuals believe a tooth can remove a nerve and it becomes lifeless on the contrary its lifeless and prone
to breakage and rapid wearing off. Its a myth that is full of confusion but, believe it or not, there are people who still believe in it and take
it seriously.

Lie 3 = Many parents believe that they is no use to care for their babys milk teeth. This view is totally wrong if pproper care is not taken teeth can drop out. Imagine that one tooth has fallen off but another then grows, what will be the outcome.

It’s obvious the other tooth will grow, but it will be bent. Would you like to have a child with bent tooth, if not then you better start taking good care of his or her teeth now, make it a habit.

Lie 4 = This Myth supports the opinion that cleaning your teeth makes them be damaged. This myth has no value at all, it just accelerates fear. The dental manipulation that does not have an objective to damage teeth unless of cause your dentist is dodgy and does not know what he or she is doing.

It’s very important to first of all research any dental procedure. If your dentist cannot explain, what he is about to do to your teeth run.

Why Biodentistry ?

Bio dentistry is beneficial because it’s an approach that is holistic, natural organic and most of all low-cost dentistry for patients. The pricing is reasonable. It’s an option that allows you to save money and still receive the best dental care

Be it you need crowns, teeth whitening or feelings. Our expert Dentist will immediately help you. Bio dentistry is traditional.

In comparison to non-biological dentistry, who still continue to make use of mercury in their work that is a known carcinogen that can cause a variety of health risks especially when the mercury fillings leak.

The dentistry way of doing stuff is also part of our philosophy of practice. Patients end up ingesting the poison into their bodies if the dental fillings leak or break off.

Our dental team is informed, knowledgeable and will explain the entire process that taken during any operations.

The process of doing biological dentistry is the best because it’s less painful and much easier. The fist step that we take is to find out the alkaline/acid balance as well as the inflammation status.

Heavy emphasis is placed on the shape and tooth structure of your tooth. You will not regret choosing this option

The effects of the impact of your dental health on your overall health will be exposed. You will not regret choosing this option, contact us now for more information.

Digital Exrays

One of the most important pieces of equipment in our office is the x-ray machine. We use x-rays to detect problems in your mouth that we can’t see with the naked eye.  We detect, cavities between teeth or underneath fillings.

Conventional dental x-rays are wonderful, but they had a few drawbacks:

Sometimes we might not see a very tiny cavity or a cavity between your teeth.
The x-rays need some time and effort to take and develop.

The hygienist positions a hard cardboard film packet in your mouth to get the correct angle.
Conventional x-rays expose you to an amount of radiation that some might find unacceptable.

After the x-ray is taken, the hygienist needs a few minutes to develop the film.
The conventional x-ray tends to discolour with time, rendering them useless after a few years.

Although conventional x-rays are just as valuable today as they were yesterday, many dentists are adopting new technologies. In the early 1980s, some dentists began replacing their conventional x-rays with digital x-ray technology, much like you may have replaced your 35mm camera with a digital camera.

The benefits to our patients when using digital x-rays are:

We can detect cavities and other problems much earlier, and use preventative measures in treating the tooth.

  • When using a digital x-ray, we place a small, flat plastic pad in your mouth, press a button and—presto—in a few seconds a picture of your teeth displays on a computer screen.
  • Digital X-rays use a small plastic sensor that is easier and faster to a position. It takes only seconds to re-take an x-ray—if necessary.
  • According to the Clinical Research Associates Foundation, digital technology produces sharp images, allowing us to see much greater detail.
  • We can instantly enhance the picture quality and magnify the picture with just a click of the computer mouse.

Pediatric dentistry services

Our Pediatric dentistry services focus on dealing with children through their adolescence stages. We promote the dental health standards of children and provide educational resources for adults.

It’s  recommendation that after children’s first teeth, a visit to the dentist should be arranged. Getting early examinations helps to detect any forms of tooth decay.

It’s important to prevent children from having dental tooth phobia.

It’s important to prepare children for their first dental visit. The fist visit usually includes a check up of the primary teeth that have erupted.

Our facility has friendly environments for children, our staff is also well trained and experienced in dealing with children.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Your smile is very important, If your teeth are crooked, stained or chipped then you need a teeth makeover, you need aesthetic dentistry service.

A smile that is beautiful can result in many opportunities especially for women as well as man, everyone deserves a perfect set of teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is a minor operation it not major.

A minimum of two short appointments will result in you getting the beautiful smile that you have hidden within you. Book an appointment with us now and get the teeth that will brighten up your day as well as of people around you.

This field of dentistry mainly focuses on the appearance of teeth

Cosmetic dentistry will improve your teeth and it can include


-Reshaping of teeth

-Dental Bridging


-Gum Lift

-Bite Reclamation

Come in for an appointment and you will get a natural, attractive, youthful smile.

Our Mission

To offer dental services that will protect, preserve, and improve patient’s overall health in a safe, clean office environment using biocompatible and environmentally protective materials and to offer treatment in a comfortable environment that would leave patients wanting to come back.

We strive towards providing the best possible treatment in conjunction with technologically advanced methods.


We continually progress towards cleaner, safer dental treatment solutions.

We promote total health in body and mind.

We use biocompatible materials.

We establish a family friendly environment in our attempt to create a comfortable and pleasant experience.

We continually attend workshops and courses to stay at the edge of technological advancement.


They all have one thing in common: a desire to be well, look good and feel healthy.

They want to be in the hands of someone that has their best interest at heart and will provide them with the best possible treatment. Our patients can look forward to a pleasant experience as opposed to the dental phobia usually associated with dental visits.